Trainman Blues

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  • Gospel
  • Soul



Duo/Trio or Quartet
Duo- 4000kr Trio - 6000kr Quartet - 8000kr
Duo/Trio or Quartet
Duo- 4000kr Trio - 6000kr Quartet - 8000kr
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  • Kvartet (120 min)
    Duo/Trio or Quartet

8.000 DKK

Blues, Soul, Groove and Grit. Music for the heart.



Om artisten

Blues with a modern and soul driven twist. Irish singer-songwriter Richard Farrell and Danish producer Richard Farrell are the creators of Trainman Blues. They won a Danish Music award in 2018 for best Blues album with their debut album.

Trainman Blues is the award winning brainchild of Irish singer/songwriter Richard Farrell and bass player/producer Laust Nielsen. Winner of the 'Best Blues Album' at the 2018 Danish music awards and winner of the Danish Blues Challenge.

They are completed writing and recording their 2nd album which is planned to be released in late 2020/early 2021. Richard and Laust played their first gig together in December 2016 at Charlie Scotts bar, after the concert, the deal was sealed. A musical conversation started and before they knew it their most memorable song 'Wholesome Treat' was written. Over the next few months, the songs kept on rolling, and by August 2017 they had written and produced the album. Their first single 'Out of Dust' was released to celebrate the body of work finished, this was followed by 3 other singles in the coming months. Richard and Laust hold quite different view points in music, and this is what makes them so strong.

Richard is from a classical background with roots in blues, soul and jazz while Laust comes from a blues, reggae and hiphop background, having been a session bass player in the scene for over 15 years. Combining their strengths, Laust's visions and ear for productions with Richard's melodies and lyrics, makes Trainman Blues such a strong force.

Joining them in a live setting and on the album are guitarist Ronni Boysen and drummer Thomas Crawfurd. Ronni is a rock in the Danish and European Blues scene, playing with the likes of Mud Morganfield, Kokomo Kings and James Harmen. Thomas is an incredibly musical and thoughtful drummer, creating beautiful layers with the use of different shakers and percussion. He plays with Fried Okra Band and has played with the likes of Gene Taylor.

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